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The Great American Beer Festival 2015 in Pictures!

Ben and I spent the greater portion of last week in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival. If you are a beer fan and you have not been, put this event on your bucket list with a permanent marker. The week was absolutely incredible. Everywhere you turn, there is a legendary brewer, author or someone they work for. While the Brewer’s Association hosted an extremely well run event, 60,000 plus beer drinkers and more draft beer than any place on the planet ever led to some crazy times and quickly used up phone batteries. Here are a few pics that managed to survive the four day marathon!

We stayed with a long time friend of Ben’s in Stapleton. They happen to have a pretty awesome Tap House out there, this Funkwerks beer was a good start!
Denver, Beer, Falling Rock Tap House, Beer Bar, GABF
Falling Rock Tap House
The Beer Wench, Beer Blogger, Drink With The Wench
Ben and The Beer Wench, a great beer blogger, author and salesperson!
Eclyptic Brewing, Portland Oregon beer, brewer, GABF
Legendary brewer John Harris.
Great American Beer Fest, Craft Beer, Brewer's Association
Since we were representing my friends at Old Soul Brewing we got in early for a little behind the scenes action!
Saint Arnold Brewing, Great American Beer Fest
Even the Saints have to keep up with the times!
Draft Magazine, GABF
This is probably the only time my ugly mug will make it on magazine cover, real or fake!
GABF costumes, Red Solo Cup, beer
Many attendees took the GABF shenanigans to an entirely new level of fun!
Halloween, GABF, costumes
Was it Halloween or the Great American Beer Fest? Did it matter? Nope, good times!
Will Smith, GABF characters, beer
I am not sure why, but I feel like I really need this onesie…
Charlie Papazian, Brewer's Association, Beer, National Pie Day, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, Zymurgy,
The legend himself Charlie Papazian!
Ray Daniels, Designing Great Beers, Cicerone Certification Program, Beer
Another legend, Ray Daniels!
Jonathan Bender, Cookies & Beer
Jonathan Bender, author of Cookies & Beer! Great guy, great book and hes from my hometown of Kansas City!
Randy Mosher, Radical Brewing, Tasting Beer,
The one and only Randy Mosher! Since I literally bumped into him and he was clearly worn out from judging beers all day. I just shook his hand and took a stalker level photograph of him. Another legendary beer author.
Black Project Beer, Wild Ales,
Some of the most sought after beers at the festival, ran out in every session and absolutely worth the hype!
Goose Island Beer Company, Chicago
Even the big boys brought their A-game, Bourbon County Vanilla Rye? Yes please!

Avery Brewing’s Special tappings were some of the most popular, delicious and entertaining!

Washington Beer, Washington Bottle Shop, Washington beer store, Washington beer bar, Vancouver Washington Beer, Vancouver Washington bottle shop, Vancouver Washington beer store, Portland beer, Ben's Bottle Shop
Great trip but I had these two crazy dogs waiting on me, so I could not linger in Denver forever.
Vancouver Washington Beer, Mt. Hood. Columbia River
Back home to Vancouver Washington.

As previously mentioned, the Great American Beer Fest was an amazing experience and I hope to return next year! A special thanks goes to the Brewer’s Association, the city and citizens of Denver, every brewer and brewery rep as well as every beer enthusiast we talked to! Congrats to all the winners as well! Ben and I had a great time and hope to see you in the shop someday! Anyway, we have a lot of work to do at Ben’s Bottle Shop. Construction is in full swing and more updates are coming soon!

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