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My Epic Journey From Fort Myers, FL to Vancouver WA With Beer and Pictures!

Note: This was originally posted on August 24, 2015. I am transferring the information from our old website to our new one, so as we do not lose any of this project.

Greetings! My name is Timothy Augustin I am the other half of Ben’s Bottle Shop. My friend and business partner Ben Christly and myself have been working on opening a Portland style bottle shop in Vancouver Washington for months. We are both finally in Vancouver, Washington for good! While, Ben has lived here for years, I just moved to Vancouver from Fort Myers, Florida. I am a huge beer nerd and veteran in the beer industry. While I had a great job  as the on-premise account manager for downtown Fort Myers with Suncoast Beverage and Sales in Fort Myers, I have always wanted to open my own beer store/beer bar. In January my good friend Ben gave me that opportunity by creating Ben’s Bottle Shop. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, here I am. Our first obstacle to opening was simply geography, I lived 3,000 miles away. That problem has now been solved as I am officially a Vancouver resident!
Here are some quick snapshots of my epic move from Southwest Florida to Vancouver Washington. The trip was amazing and my only regret is that I moved through this beautiful country too fast and did not stop to drink a few more beers! I am ecstatic to be here, as I absolutely love the area and its people! We can not wait to provide a world class beer experience for the fine citizens of Vancouver, Washington and Portland Oregon!
Fort Myers, Florida
The view from my condo in Downtown Fort Myers Florida. I am giving this up, for mountains and beer!

 I started my journey, here in Fort Myers, Florida. Fort Myers is a nice place, but I craved cooler weather, great beer and mountains!
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Driving through Tennessee was absolutely charming.

 Driving through Tennessee was beautiful and I would like to revisit Chattanooga someday, but I was on a mission and could only stop to sleep.
Kansas City, Missouri
One of the best cities in the world! Great BBQ and great beer!

Of course I stopped into my hometown of Kansas City.

Boulevard Brewing Company Aztec Chocolate Imperial Stout, beer

 And drank a beer.
Seattle, Washington

Next I flew to Seattle for an awesome wedding where I got my first taste of some of the phenomenal beers Washington has to offer such as Bale Breaker Brewing, NoLi Brewhouse, Georgetown Brewing Company, Pike Brewing and many, many more. It was a great crash course in Pacific Northwest Beer!
Wyoming is underrated.

 Back on the road, Kansas was beautiful in its own way and Wyoming was breathtaking but after the Seattle excursion, I had to keep moving.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Breathtaking, some pretty good beer out that way too!

 Salt Lake City, Utah is a place I need to revisit.
Sockeye Brewing, Boise Idaho, beer
I really enjoyed Boise, I will return!

I did manage to sneak into Sockeye Brewing in Idaho, good stuff!
Snake River Idaho

The Snake River, I felt like I was on the Oregon trail except with way less Typhoid.
Wildfires in Oregon

I finally arrived in Oregon and had to dodge some wildfires.
Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is simply breathtaking.
Vancouver Washington

 I finally arrived and finally saw Mt. Hood (barely).
Heathen Brewing Feral Public House Vancouver Washington, beer
Heathen Brewing Feral Public House, Vancouver Washington. Great people, great food, great beer!

 Finally down to buisiness! Heathen Brewing Feral Public House in Vancouver Washington was a pretty good start!
There it is my friends, my journey in a nutshell. I could not be happier to be here. So far, my experience with Vancouver Washington has been fantastic! Vancouver has some amazing beer, food and people. I can not wait to see more and become a part of the Vancouver Washington beer scene! We at Ben’s Bottle Shop are working very hard to open our doors late this fall and more updates will be coming soon. Please stay tuned by checking back here, liking us on Facebook www.facebook.com/bensbottleshop or by following us on Twitter @bensbottleshop


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