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Ben’s Bottle Shop in Vancouver Washington Weekly Beer Update!

As expected, this has been a busy week at Ben’s Bottle Shop! Our menu is completed and simply mouth watering. The shop’s construction is moving along as scheduled. Equally exciting we can literally swim in all the awesome beer we have been given just as samples! Ben, our certified Cicerone front of house manager and I spent all day Friday constructing our opening beer orders. Thanks to the great wholesalers in Vancouver Washington, as well as, Clark County’s many excellent breweries (and cidery) we are going to have a tremendous selection of unique and hard to find beers. This has, so far, been my favorite part of the entire project and as much fun as ordering beer has been, things will only become more exciting from here! I really wish I could give more details, but we want to leave somethings to your imagination. Rest assured, whatever style of craft beer you like, we will have you covered!  We will also provide some great wine options for the non-beer drinkers and non-alcoholic options for the lunch and family crowd! Cheers Vancouver WA and stay tuned!




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Menu Shenanigans!

Greetings! We are still hard at work getting Ben’s Bottle Shop up and running. Construction is continuing, as scheduled. We are still looking at an early-mid December opening and hoping for a bit of luck, which will push us closer to the early side. In the mean time we have been receiving equipment left and right! All components of… Continue Reading

Another Milestone Reached

Construction is coming along quickly and we have achieved another milestone on our way to become a part of the already vibrant Vancouver Washington beer scene! Yesterday most of our cooler arrived and I have the scrapes on my forearm to prove it! Please follow and like us: Continue Reading